Ninos And Paradise


Posted by parhad on June 30, 2001 at 09:57:39:


Over at Gassman's, "Ninos" our dismal philosopher posted about how silly Palestinians believe in paradise and are dying to get there even if it means killing

themselves by taking Israelis with them. He puts it down to mental deficiency and a desire for unlimited sex in an after life.


That is patently absurd. Living in refugee camps all their lives, standing by in impotent rage as the world press for years now portrays them anyway it wants...held

down and treated about as badly as humans can manage to treat each other, they find some of them willing to make desperate statements of terror as the only means

left for them to fight back and regain some dignity in their own eyes and those of their people.


If they were able to have normal lives, sex from a loving wife would be plenty and the sight of children growing be paradise enough for them.


George Washington wasn't looking for paradise when he led his raggedy soldiers against the greatest fighting machine of its day. It wasn't a desire for sex that has

driven any countless number of people to fight in any way left to them..even to killing themselves. Are the men who were decorated by the United States for holding

a position against a far superior enemy, so that their felows had time to retreat to safety...knowing they would be killed...are they fools...or heroes?


If the Palestinians could afford to equip and train an army, if they had the United States backing them...there is nothing they would like better than to take to a

battlefield and either prevail against their counterparts or die in the effort.


Sometimes the "enemy" determines the tactics you use. These are acts of men and women driven to madness, to desperation. It shows no understanding or sympathy

of their awful plight to put their actions down to silly paradises and vanity. Try it sometime.


This lack of understanding, of fair play, has helped make them so desperate. Twist them some more and don't be surprised by their reaction. No one is inocent here.