Time's Up


Posted by parhad on June 30, 2001 at 18:59:58:


It's time for Andreass to either say what he means or stands for in a few consecutive sentences or give it over. The same goes for the fellow with the "problem". I

welcome all vigorous, idea filled, thoughtful and challenging discussion.. I care not at all what kind of language is used to make a point...but there has to be point...I

don't care whether I like it or not...I don't care if someone wants to take me or my family to task for anything...I've shown more of a willingness to be open and

expose myself than either of these two.


If you have something to say to me, besides one-liners and your sexual fantasies...SAY IT. If what you have to say MUST have sexual fantasies to it, fine...but SAY

it! I want to know what the point is. I didn't try to stop discussion on the other forums, I didn't start this one to stop them either, I did it because I was tired of being

stopped for a variety of fake reasons, should you two feel hemmed in here, start your own...I tried to engage people in discussion...in free and open discussion.

There was a lot to think about and argue about...all you people did was focus on the language, and now all you have to your posts are either No language, as in one

liners so stupid they merit not a thought...or only foul language to no point.


Tell me something about you or your beliefs, what you hold dear, what you are willing to work for, fight for, love and hate...and I wont care what sort of language

you use or what you say to me or about me...period.


But if you are only going to be the boys who disrupted class, then get lost. Say something in and around the rest of it. I want a challenge...telling me I must be

salivating over some guys dick..isn't a challenge of any sort but to you...it has nothing to do with me. It's boring, doesn't get a rise out of anybody.


As to Andreass his mind works this way...that's fine too, except it too is getting boring. There isn't a thing he could come up with we couldn't dispose of in a minute,

knowing that he keeps goosing himself and hopping all over the place, so as not to make any point.


Both of you...give me some meat to your bones or begone...we will block you with delight. As you can see, I'm perfectly content to write here all by myself...I wish I

DID get some input from you two, but there isn't any. Take a few days and think about it...if communicating is what you want...come and get us, we're here, we're

ready, but if this is your way of appearing to be bold and engaging and "free", you're in the wrong nut house.


The people who monitor these sites tell us we are expanding our visits daily...people are coming, not to watch you pull your pants down...these are the people Hanna

told me I was insulting etc, so he just had to remove me..these are the people who kept calling for a vote to ban me...yet they are coming here in increasing numbers.

They come because they want to hear something new...they aren't scared off by my "foul" mouth or disgusting ideas...if they are, they still came to read ME and not

the two of you.


On your own neither of you could command a single person to make a single visit. If I had each of you for a five minute face to face you'd flutter to earth...you know

that. I want something real and challenging from you...if one guys idea of real is a stacatto of disconnested words he doesn't know the meaning of...that's his problem

not ours...if the other guy thinks it's challenging to figure out how many different ways there are to say "shove it up your ass"...that's fine too...I have no problem with

you starting your own forums...as I did.