Posted by parhad on June 30, 2001 at 20:39:20:


I just deleted a whole mess of one-liners and inelegantly vulgar posts...I have no problem with timely and elegant vulgarity.


If I broke up each post of mine into single sentences and posted each sentence as a title...this machine would melt. Either Andreas has something to say or he

doesn't. I don't care if he trashes me and everything he thinks I believe...I don't care if he uses the dirtiest language he wants to, I don't care what he says about my

children in the process, I don't care what he says about my work, my car, my home, my lack of insurance or breeding or anything... BUT!Give Me Substance.


I got pissed at the other forums because they WOULDN'T allow me to post my arguments, because they complained that I was writing too much, not allowing

others the chance to write, saying things that were hurtful and unwelcome and upsetting. The bad languge issue was an excuse...the proof came when they allowed

others to post the same language to me, and collected all the bad words to post them themselves as proof that this was the reason they deleted and then banned me.


I want LONG arguments...developed or groping, uncertain or downright bigoted, I don't care. But none of my posts were ONLY filth...and I told Hanna many a

time to stop Andreas from FORCING us to read what no one wanted to read. People were always free NOT to open my posts...they did, they read...and THEN

they howled. With these two they make the "title" the message...when you click for the message there either is none, or it's just a dick from left to right instead of right

to left.


I will continue to delete these kinds of posts but want them to really challenge me...prove I am the idiot and dolt they say I am...AND the coward...who nonetheless

gives his name. I am not banning any of you...I just want you to give us your BEST shot...challenge us for real, not the rest of this childish muck. BORING!