More Gass


Posted by parhad on July 02, 2001 at 09:46:40:


Some things are so monumentally stupid you can't see them clearly cause they're so big, you have to back way off, just to get the full scope of 'em in sight.


The Gassman says he was tickled pink cause I was being exposed by the slut in Denmark. Exposed how? How do the guys sexual fantasies "expose" me? Is my

secret supposed to be out now? I like to get fucked, is that the big "expose"? Okay, so we settled that, now what? There I am, bucket of vaseline in hand, merrily

tripping through life exposing my backsides to every What does that have to do with anything I'm writing about? It's like accusing someone of being

settles any argument. I know quers could pick Gassman up and throw him to Maine. YES!....HE KNOWS QUEERS!!!!!!


Does the way Gassman uses his dick have anything to do with what he says or does? Does it matter where he puts it? Or who he puts it into? Does it "expose" him

to find out he uses a condom with a Chaldean Flag at the tip...kind of a Patriotic Tickler? I could care less.


Does it mean something to say that my Father-in Law supports me?(never has). Why is that significant? If he did would it invalidate anything I said. Am I running for

office on a platform that says..."No More Support From In-Laws"! And have I been thus "exposed" as a hypocrite?


I see he is sensitive about the mention of children. Now why bring them up, or their education? Is the guy so stupid he doesn't realize there is a huge home-scholing

movement in this country? Plato was home-schooled. Does he think the world was developed through public schools? Did the Assyrians have them, the Brittish?

Public education is a recent development and an abysmal failure, though there is no better way to make stupid adults...the kind that don't know Texas from New

York...who accept whatever nonsense their government feeds them, and especially those who think to hide their nakedness by a little scrap of sheepskin...or two

and half (BIG ass).


Okay...I aint edjicated and Gassman is....I mean you can see it right there in his posts what a sound education he has, and you can read for yourself the subtelty of

mind that gets him that large following in ALL those journals. But I can still think...I still have the right to speak and write. Let my words and thoughts stand on their

own, let them be challenged on the merits...why ban me in that case...let me make an ass of myself. I mean he comes here to read everything...not much to read

there...then he answers me, on HIS forum, when he's welcome to do it here. That forces me to go over there, haul his ass all the way back here and slap him around.

He reads THAT...goes back to his forum, "answers" me..and I have to go get him AGAIN! Kind of silly for such a writer and a thinker and an educated "mind".


Why take off after my friends, my family, and my children? Did they teach him that in college? Did they learn him about all the great philosophers in life who

said..."when having a hard time in dispute and discourse with an individual, change tactics and attack that man's family, in-laws, life-style, dick-size AND children's

education? I should have stayed in college, would have learned that I suppose.


Was it a big deal in his family that he got a degree? I mean we have tons of them in one is surprised or imprerssed by a doctorate or two. What's the big I COULDN'T do it? He's hardly a poster boy for Higher's thrills and chills and gifts and all.


But why the children? Didn't he say that his wife made him remove the photos of his own lovely children for fear that someone might find some way to drag them

through the mud? I agreed with him at the time. Did she know him better? Why keep "begging" me not to ruin them? Why bring up my oldest and "hope" I didn't ruin

him? Is that a sincere hope? Does he really care about my children's welfare, or is this more Saddam University training on how to dismantle the opposition?


Why not just stick to the point and face me directly? It's the same tactic the Sanctions are using against Iraq. "get The Kids" any way you can. You can just hear

Bush and Clinton saying to Iraqi parents...."and what about your children's educations and health hmm? Gee I sure hope you don't ruin their lives...what about their

health and diet...boy I'll bet you're going to ruin that college drop-outs"!! He's going for the kids, the same way this admi nistration has been. Same tactic.


My children are just fine thanks. We live in an area where lots of people home-school. We live on a sixty acre vineyard (Cabernet and Franc and Merlot, natch)

Francis Ford Coppola lives 20 minutes away (he caught me taking a leak on his property one day...nice guy). Madonna and Robin Williams have homes a little

further out, they can be seen in town...Coppola has drinks at the local pub.


There is a small pond on the property we swim at...has a dock and all. Trails to hike all over the place. A dog, seven cats and a horse and dirt bike. What's wrong

with this as a school? Why does it matter what I do with my kids? Have I asked Gassman about how he raises his family, his friends, his father-in Law? What

relevance does any of that have? Am I running for public office that I need to be "exposed"? Is this a popularity contest?


AH...there I think I've hit it!