It's Hard To Keep From Going Nuts


Posted by parhad on July 03, 2001 at 11:43:59:


Says on the news that the United States has decided to ease back on Sanctions but still insists that weapons inspectors must be allowed in to monitor the situation...make

sure Saddam isn't rebuilding his massive Nuclear Armaments and Biological and Chemical know, the ones he "hurled" at everyone during the Gulf

War....the madman.


You gotta give the US a prize for Chutzpah. I mean this is the ONE nation that did use atom bombs on civilian populations...this is the nation that fought in Korea cause

it wanted to, this is the nation that killed millions of Vietnamese for nothing, this is the nation that toppled governments anywhere it felt like it...that supported any number

of murderous dictators around the world...and THIS country wants to set itself up as the guarantor of world peace and stability AND be allowed into everyones shorts

to root around at will. And it can't understand why the rest of the world...that part not mortgaged to it...isn't pleased at the prospect.


The US has no business in Iraq...period! What Saddam did with Kuwait was nothing more than what every Iraqi regime has said it would do...Kuwait is a part of Iraq,

always has been. They simply wanted it back,,,like China is entitled to Taiwan. I mean if the Israelis can use the bible as a legal document entitling them to take back

Palestine in any way they see fit...a book thousands of years old, back before there were notary publics and a court of claims...fine. But Iraq's claim to

China's to the Seminole Indians of Florida to Miami Beach...where LOTS of Jews are living ILEGALLY on land stolen from the Indians who ALSO have

Holy Book claims as well as a treaty signed by Congress....if the Israelis have a claim to Plaestine.....then so do all the others. THEY know it...the government here

knows's the people who can't add 2 plus 2 without coming up with The Gassman as a Chaldean Patriot...THAT'S the problem.