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If you go by what they have become, I attended my first one in 1976...they have been about chasing off the classy people and replacing them with boors and louts.

This is easy to do as classy people have several options available to them while louts and boors must depend on someone else to set something up for them on which

they can then crap once a year. But it's Assyrian's another "put down" of our heritage, another cross to bear, another proof that we are unworthy as

Assyrians...for no matter how rude and trashy the people may be on Saturday night, you'll finf them all genuflecting Sunday morning.


The conventions have allowed people to play "delegate"...and "committe chair" and "parliamentarian, and "president"'s allowed people who couldn't spell it to say

"pont of Order Mistur President"..and "I move that it be stricken from the minutes"..."striked"!...."strucked"?...."take it off"!!


They have been about going through the motions, of pretending we have something to celebrate. The clearest sign of what they are comes at the beginning of each

Sunday Banquet...often Monday Breakfast...when the Grand Poobah intones..."I would like to read for your pleasure the letters from famous people we invited who

must have had presing business in New Zealand, and couldn't make it". The fool then proceeds to do so, and you can tell by the satisfied glow in each person's face

that they feel "really special" being rejected by important people...I mean he did write BACK! If you tell them it's a computer generated standarized message, they

snap back that you are "attacking" them.


they've also been a showcase for every blowhard we have to get up and say a few thousand words the other blowhard just said himself, and the next blowhard will

repeat. What the conventions became during Sargon Lewies tenure as president was asiphon to accumulate money for Garrbia and have HIM hand deliver it, with a

LAY-over (pun intended) in Geneva. His payoff was supposed to come when, with cow eyes that could've melted an ice berg, he proclaimed, as his outgoing wish

and incoming income...that he was going to set up a five million dollar fund to benefit the Assyrians of Garrbia...with him hand delivering the money of course. Well,

hadn't he PROVEN what a trusted friend he was all those years that he raised nickels and dimes at the banquets etc?


What the conventions COULD become I first had a hint in Detroit when the chapter there ran the show. They were organized and they made children an integral

part of the activities. I know Jackie Bejan and her crew of clever and hard working devils will do the same...and more, because we all realize that this thing is a dead

dog if we don't do something drastic to change it. So come help make a difference and boo the shit out of John or Carlo is they ONCE dare to take us back to

those bad old days when they spun lies out of whole cloth. This year is make or break. From now on, if they don't earn it, they aint getting this boy's support, and

shouldn't get your either...BUT, we have to do OUR part too.