Getting Banned Redux


Posted by parhad on July 04, 2001 at 16:54:22:


Some months back Paul Younan and Sargon Aprim asked if I would like to be included in their stable of Assyrian artist stars, said they'd make a site for photos,

said I could moderate their Fine Arts Forum, that's this side of the Pisheeta one that Paul runs. Sounded okay so I agreed, sent a passle of photos to them, though I

must say I didn't really want to join anything...but ya gotta not be too snooty.


I posted a couple of times on the art forum without any trouble, then one day, in a mad moment no doubt flinging all caution to the wind, I wrote a short something

about how the derivation of words is fascinating and I gave as examples words like comfortable, for instance. You can break that word into "come-for-the-table". In

olden days eating regularly was an achievement in itself so that coming for the table "to eat"...would be a "comfortable" thing. Kinda cute, no harm done.....yet.


I then opined that our own word for that delicious thick cream best eaten with fresh flat bread or Seng-gak, and wild honey or ne-pookhta is "Ghoo-rush-ta". You

can imagine that particular breakfast was a treat quickly and eagerly dispensed of so that the cry of ''Ghoo(get up)...rush(Wake up)...ta (come quick) or Ghoorushta

would echo out to bring everyone running. Still no harm done.


Then I made my big mistake, the one which almost toppled what is left of this Grat Peepil. I said that the word "embarass" must have been derived from "having a

bare ass"...which would indeed BE embarassing.


What was my surprise when I should read my own post and find 'ass" replaced, not by three might guess the word that way, but by six...just to throw

you off...and I suppose save you too. I was stunned to say the least and quickly sent in a post about how we all had one, and our dear lord Ashur, forseeing the day

we would behave like royal ones, put that noble three lettered word at the beginning of what he KNEW way back then, would be the English(it didn't even exist's THAT for a God!) word for his people...just to keep them humble. Of course, becomming Christian, we got it all wrong and proceeded to ACT the ass



I reminded the webmaster that the word "ass" even appears in that most holy Jewish history book they can't get enough of, wherein it says..."and the Lord tied his

Ass to a tree and approached the disciples"(Leviticus 6:6). YOU try it...never seen a clearer sign of the miraculous than that...alert Michael. Sargon shot back that

they had to watch out for the children, who might be offended by such language. I replied that we wouldn't get far tailoring our forums to children, and besides the

word "ass" is also the equivalent for the animal and what harm could there be in that? (I should point out that a moratorium on all bombing was called dyuring the

time it took us to thrash this all out...out of respect I'd like to think, but probably out of curiosity as the principles sat back to view us with admiration no doubt.... so

no harm came to anyone in that time, is what I want to say) I mean what DO you want to call that thing we sit on, where our two legs go up until they make an ass of



He replied that I should substitute "jackass" for the word "ass" and all would be fine. Alright then...we are JackAssyrians. The kiddies were spared, but I think we

lost a few adults.

I know I didn't want to be associated with "atour,org, the 'Sorry' State of JackAssyria" any longer.