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I found it especially interesting that they used the Lion of Ishtar from Babylon. To understand US policy one must step way back and take the LONG view.


If two countries have each a majority of a non-renewable resource on this necessary for so many parts of the economies of both countries...I'd want to use up the other guy's first too...controlling the price he sets and the rate at which he produces it. I would also rather not be bothered by conquering and ruling the other country...far better to have them forced into compliance.


To achieve this goal I would use ANYTHING, any religious argument, and racial, ethnic order to get my way. America could care less about human rights abuses in Iran or China or anywhere.


The new international economy and world market means it is easier for international financiers to make their deals AND buy politicians and influence laws and policies to benefit "world trade"...which means their bottom line.


What has saved America in the past was the good will and conscience of its people. Let's hope they do it again. Who says schools in America are failing? They have been marvelously successful in turning our ignoramouses who, amazingly enough don't know they are, or better still...don't think it matters one way or the long as they "rule". How else would you get so many gullible people willing and eager to spotlight their ignorance?