Assyrian Women


Posted by Michael on July 13, 2001 at 21:23:07:


Hey Fred!!!


Long time no argue...hehe. I've got this problem buddy, and I hope you can help me (God that statement just set me up for a Parhad satirical response...I better be more careful).


I am looking for marriage. I've dated an enormous amount of Assyrian women but, unfortunately, they have been "Americanized."


I am telling you this only because I distinctly remember you saying in one your past posts that the "only flaw of Assyrain women is that they marry Assyrian men."  Well the thing is, I HAVE to marry an Assyrian woman. I really do not want to marry a "nakhretah" because I do not want to explain why we eat the foods we eat, why we dance khiga, why we are so hot-tempered and other cultural attributes of Assyrianism. Plus, if she is non-Assyrian, that means we have to speak English in front of our kids where ultimately they will not speak Assyrian as fluently as people should in order to NOT forget the language. Well anyways, my primary issue is how the American media has altered the minds of our young Assyrian women to believe that having sex before marriage is ok, or snorting cocaine is something you should do when you're young and stop when you get old, or my favorite: "Don't worry about committing sins cause when you do, all you have to do is ask GOD to forgive you and HE sin away."


I have always believed that our women are among the best in terms of females who have morals, self-embarrasment, and love for family and religious ethics. I can completely prove that wrong.


Yes, true, I have not dated every Assyrian girl out there, however I have seen enough to jump to this conclusion. I really do not believe I am generalizing or stereotyping. Things such as nightclubs, fancy cars, and music which have subliminal meanings have completely guided our women away from the "GOOD" and to the temporary pleasures of evilness.


Now Fred, I have moved away from my typical anti-anti-Christianity posts that I place for you and have asked you to answer a similar yet different inquiry. I could've placed this post in AINA but I strongly feel that the all the knowledge combined at that forum is stil not equivalent to the wisdom you have.


So I chose to place it here fro you to response. You can take that as a compliment (even though I know you don't want to earn anyone's respect) or you can take it as you wish. But I know you will, as you have done before, come back with factual information to this issue I have and allow me to see the other side of the story.


-Michael Isaac