Assyrian Women


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: Hey Fred!!!


: Long time no argue...hehe. I've got this problem buddy, and I hope you can help me (God that statement just set me up for a Parhad satirical response...I better be

more careful).


>>>You just called on "God"...I can't match him for satire. I love the title to the film..."The Greatest Story Ever Told" THAT'S satire!!!


I am looking for marriage. I've dated an enormous amount of Assyrian women but, unfortunately, they have been "Americanized."


>>>I think you got it backwards, you tend to do that...try dating enormous Assyrian women.



I am telling you this only because I distinctly remember you saying in one your past posts that the "only flaw of Assyrain women is that they marry Assyrian men."

Well the thing is, I HAVE to marry an Assyrian woman. I really do not want to marry a "nakhretah" because I do not want to explain why we eat the foods we eat,

why we dance khiga, why we are so hot-tempered and other cultural attributes of Assyrianism. Plus, if she is non-Assyrian, that means we have to speak English in

front of our kids where ultimately they will not speak Assyrian as fluently as people should in order to NOT forget the language. Well anyways, my primary issue is

how the American media has altered the minds of our young Assyrian women to believe that having sex before marriage is ok, or snorting cocaine is something you

should do when you're young and stop when you get old, or my favorite: "Don't worry about committing sins cause when you do, all you have to do is ask GOD to

forgive you and HE sin away."


>>>Michael, Michael, Michael...I'm surprised you even got a date! Sex is great anytime...personally I prefer it after a glass of wine or a joint, but after marriage is

okay too. Cocaine is a wonderul thing except it is awfully seductive. Used to be drugs and running numbers and owning fancy cars while living hopeless lives were

things "Negores" did. Now the numbers racket is legitimized for's caled The Lottery...white people in dead end jobs fawn all over expensive cars, and drugs

have moved not only across town but right into Mr. and Mrs. Suburbia's medicine chest. Cigarettes, booze, Viagra, Ritalin, Uppers, Downers, Inbetweeners,

Prozac. Purple name it, they are almost ALL legitimate cause they make big bucks. People , and there are many, many of them, function just fine with

cocaine and heroin etc. You get scare stories from the press about the "evils" of ILLEGAL drugs all the time. These drugs are "bad" cause they're usually cut with rat

poison or something...and of course the sorts of people who grow dependent on remaining fuzzy and blissfully out of it, are the kind who have a host of other

problems which are compounded by the way they do drugs.


>>>But I don't think it's a rational discussion you're fishing for how much "evil" I condone. Friends of mine sat at a restaurant some years back in Santa

Cruz, blissfully and harmlessly high from mushrooms (NOT Campbells). We were quiet, had been all evening, introspective, thoughtful and a little hungry. In the

booth behind us were two couples drunk as they could be. They were loud, obnoxious, vulgar, violent, they wound up fighting and being told to leave. THEY were

perfectly legal...we were outlaws. This is a Puritannical country...a Puritan is someone with a terrible sensation gnawing away at them that somewhere, at sometime,

someone is having a good time.


>>>Certain "drugs" are older than the hills and have been used for mind-expanding trips etc. They are great...if you don't get carried away. people who tend to get

"carried away" on all sorts of things, will do so on drugs too. It isn't the drug's fault. But the best lessons they teach are the ones you learn to "do" all by yourself,

without the kick upstairs they give you. But...they definitely broke some molds and lifted some blindres for a lot of people...trouble was many thought the magic was

in the drug, it wasn' was in us all along, covered over and buried underneath a whole lot of , 'you MUST do this and that" we assumed was what WE really

wanted to do. It's a subtle lesson lost entirely on someone such as yourself whose intellectual development was arrested 2000 years ago. What you want is a Cave




I have always believed that our women are among the best in terms of females who have morals, self-embarrasment, and love for family and religious ethics. I can

completely prove that wrong.


>>>I wonder what they think of "you"?


Yes, true, I have not dated every Assyrian girl out there, however I have seen enough to jump to this conclusion. I really do not believe I am generalizing or

stereotyping. Things such as nightclubs, fancy cars, and music which have subliminal meanings have completely guided our women away from the "GOOD" and to

the temporary pleasures of evilness.


>>>There is no pleasure in "evil" at all. What you call evil, I would call fun, with maybe a naughty twist to it. Sex is NOT require some eunuch to "bless" your

coupling is a thing most gross. My poor grandmother, an excellent student and athlete, madly in love at 15 with a boy from her village studying medicine in America,

was forced to marry, at 16, a widower of 36. Her brother insisted and she had to listen cause she was a "good" Assyrian girl.


>>>She saw her husband on her wedding day. The priest and the holy heavens blessed their union. She wept bitterly, having burned all the letters from her

sweetheart whom she'd planned to marry. That night, on her honeymoon, she was raped...blessings of the church. I don't mean she was actually forced, but what

would YOU call it?


>>>To my mind she should have shot the priest who officiated at the ceremony, burned down such a Church, and shot my dear grandfather if he laid a hand on her.

But then I'm not a Christian...I don't believe in human sacrifice, or asking others to die for my sins.



Now Fred, I have moved away from my typical anti-anti-Christianity posts that I place for you and have asked you to answer a similar yet different inquiry. I

could've placed this post in AINA but I strongly feel that the all the knowledge combined at that forum is stil not equivalent to the wisdom you have.


>>>Jesus H know how to hurt a guy...thanks a friggin lot!!!


So I chose to place it here fro you to response. You can take that as a compliment (even though I know you don't want to earn anyone's respect) or you can take it

as you wish. But I know you will, as you have done before, come back with factual information to this issue I have and allow me to see the other side of the story.


: -Michael Isaac


>>>Well for starters I'm already married so that's out. What do you want to me to say? What's the question? Are sex and drugs and cars and nightclubs Okay?

Sure. As long as you hurt no one else AND ignore any but the god we each carry within us...what business is it of anyone's? Remember we all came scurrying to this

country for a's called freedom to choose. real freedom carries with it the chance to screw up badly too. What we seem to want is to live in "Turkey" in our

heads, while cruising Sunset Boulevard.


>>>This is a free country. Assyrians women realize no one will think badly of them if they sleep around, so long as they do it lovingly, quietly and make sure to enjoy

the hell out of it. We tend to make sex something a woman provides as a service in return for being taken care of. That's a great big YUK!! Men are terrified of a

woman's sexual appetite. As Mark Twain pondered once, the male, who makes a big deal out of sex, is useless in about ten minutes, whereas the female barely gets

warmed up and, at least physically, was designed to go on all night and into the next afternoon, if she CHOOSES to do so.


>>>Did you really expect me to back you up on anything in this regard? There is nothing wrong with anything people do as consenting adults...nothing at all. If you

want to believe that they are "hurting" some part in them that "belongs" to god, well, that's your privillege.


>>>I don't know what to recommend for you...the priesthood, or sainthood or martyrdom I guess would suit you best. A hair shirt? Don't despair, I am sure there

are Assyrian women who could love you, maybe even have sex with you...(can you guys do that?).


>>>The best advice is , don't go looking. Live your life the way it ought to be lived and you'll have no trouble finding fullfilment. What trouble DOES just

"life" stuff, comes with the territory. It helps of course if you don't look like a mud you?