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Don't get me wrong...there are drugs and there are drugs. Pure heroin or cocaine, taken moderately...and you'd be surprised how many people do just that...isn't "deadly" at all. The danger with all of them is that you begin to rely on the "high" they give you...that's especially dangerous if you're unable to make your life run the way you'd like. They are a great crutch, like religion and food and a hundred other things. But contrary to popular hysteria, they are NOT deadly or habit forming...not the "cold sweat" kind.


The problem also is the junk the stuff is cut with. If dope were legal and clean, you'd at least have the pure stuff. The problem however still is how seductive they are as a substitute for doing the real work it takes to get naturally high...that's their real danger.


They should definitely be legal. You can't legislate's been tried, fails every time. You'd think they would have learned after Prohibition. The same rot, the same corruption, the same lousy stuff, the same inflated prices, prostitution, petty and major theft, gangs and murder...all of it is back again. As if by making it illegal you stopped people from getting it...they still get it AND the society gets a whole lot of other nasties to go along with it. Look at the needle exchange program and how much trouble such a simple and sane plan ran into.


Ah well.