Assyrian Women 2 -- This Time It's Personal


Posted by Michael on July 14, 2001 at 09:38:27:




The thing is when I did date an Assyrian woman who had a huge sexual resume, distorted images and flashes of her having sex with her exs popped in my mund all the time.


I thought to myself: "How could I marry this girl who has been with so many guys?" "How can I walk into a room an dNOT be afraid or intimidated that the guys who are "chcking her out" probably slept with her.


You know what kind of sickening, horrid feeling that is Fred? I agree with you in all sense that women should do as they please, but why decrease the amount of SELF-RESPECT within you just to have the temporary pleasure of an orgasm.


You probably will conclude that I may need to seek therapy on this...hehehe...if, that is, you respind in a PARHAD-kind-of-way. But Fred, you know me...I'm the religious type but simulatneously I'm also a Romantic.


Priesthood, Sainthood...I wish, but the fact of the matter is I can never be either a Priest or a Saint...or an "Angel" or "a role model for young men." But at the same time Fred, I do care for myself and choose not to sleep with every other woman I date.


If a woman had a pre-marital sexual experience with 1 man in her life, I will accept that


...but 2...3...4...10...20...I mean come on, we are reachin a level of absurdity.


The risk of acquiring sexual diseases coupled with the status as the "Community's Whore," why would any woman want to do that?


Men are horny 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year -- that is our nature.


We will pull our pants down at the sight of a hole in between 2 thighs -- it is our weakness.


Women, who as girls supposedly mature faster than young boys, are supposed to have more self-embarrssment, self-respect, and possess religious ethics (you're probably nodding your head by now) and not follow the daily standards of White trailer trash found in Jerry Springer shows, or wear provactive clothing seen in any RAP video.


Fred, I'm not looking for a cave woman. I'm not looking for a 1-night stand. I'm not looking for a girlfriend. I'm NOT EVEN looking for a wife. What I am looking for is a woman I can call my SOULMATE.


To call someone that Fred takes alot of love, trust, and comfort -- the last being what I truly lackedwhen I engaged in a relationship with an Assyrian woman...comfort.


: -Michael Isaac