Wanting a Homeland Is Insanity...Nationalized


Posted by parhad on July 14, 2001 at 21:48:49:


There are many people who advocate a homeland for Assyrians. Aside from the fact that no one has any incentive to add to their headaches by giving us one...aside from the fact that we haven't the slightest clue as to how you run anything but bingo parlors...and aside from the fact that we have no history or experience of pluralistic anything...and the fact that you couldn't get anyone to go live in it for long...and aside from the fact that we'd start a civil war first chance we got...and a religious war and a purge and a boycott and get the plague and go broke...there is the little problem of being surrounded by the very people who chased us out of there in the first place.


The Christian presence has been steadily decreasing over there so that we would be a tiny enclave surrounded by Moslem countries. If we couldn't hold our own then, how can we do it now...now when we have no men left, just mice?


I actually think that people like the Gassman and many others believe that if enough Moslems get killed, it will lead "logically" (?) to the Assyrians being invited back to run the country. This is why they refuse to help the AAS, or normalize relations with the Kurds. Instead they try to antagonize the Moslems, Turks, Kurds, Arabs...anyone and everyone...even to playing that old bugaboo on us..."Christians Killed In Sudan"! They think they are rather "mature" in doing so..one of the "gang" when they are willing to accept Assyrian deaths as 'collateral damage"..and the "price you must pay" etc bullshit.


Then again if it doesn't happen...well DUH!...they will have the satisfaction of stirring up enough animosity that might get MORE Assyrians killed thereby earning great gobs of sympathy for themselves and providing fresh victims for Murderd's Day in August. That's all these periodic (I think Assyrian men have monthly "cycles" as well) rantings and demands can hope to win for the people back there.


What those making them get out of it is harder to figure out. Maybe "misery envy"?