To aina


Posted by parhad on July 15, 2001 at 12:23:05:


I find it interesting that every post on this subject is treated like Babies first turd...something precious to see though stinking for all of that.(Refering to yet another post

"uncovering" the devil etc etc in Rabi Yacoub)


I return here again and again, as I'd go anywhere, to do the work. If you're in a battle and someone shoots at you, trying to "remove" don't run home in a

snit thinking.."well! They obviously don't LIKE me!!"


I'm not here to be liked. I could care less. Real work needs to be done. There are people beginning to do it. These "Assyrians" are terrified of that, as Ghassan is

that we took on Ross and wont quit till WE are done. They slander and slime and delete and ban in hopes of maintaining the "god old days"...the days when we went

round and round in a Round Robin of Proclamations and Demands and Attacks and THE TRUTH about this or that. My posts are removed for the BEST of

reasons...I'm more often right on than not.