I Am Begining To Feel Sorry For This Guy...


Posted by parhad on July 20, 2001 at 10:42:32:


In Reply to: I have no artistic or linguistic talent... so I go online all day - I need to go to the nuthouse. posted by Andreas (- sense) on July 20, 2001 at 10:09:22:


How much humiliation can one person take? It's like watching someone eat his own vomit...thankfully. Andreas is not a well man. I don't know what happened to

him to make him so debased, to convince him that spittle is holy water. His self-hatred is something awesome...but then he knows best. Jesus did not seek out

anyones scorn...he earned it the hard way, by risking his life and the wrath of his own community to deliver a simple message.


Andreas has no message. Nothing comes from his heart or his head. He is a tape player, repeating the same line over and over. It isn't a message that would move a

goose. That isn't his point. His mission is to be spat upon and villified. Like kids who see what clothes a movie star wears, then go buy the same clothes figuring they

too will become stars.


Jesus was spat upon and villified and he was a god...therefore if Andreas earns enough spit he too will become...a god? NO, of course not, but maybe just a worthy

human bean, finally earning the right to hold his head up a little. What did they do to the poor Kraut that lands him in a nut house for periodic tune-ups?


I think the Gassman loathes this fellow as well. He praises him and puts up with him...our first "fight" was over this same puppy...only because he sees how Andreas

manages to insult us as Assyrians, while praising us for being such willing sheep led easily to slaughter. That's why they dog my steps...I want to get us away from

their knives.