Posted by parhad on July 21, 2001 at 23:18:35:


I realize it's the day before Sunday, and that August the 7th is coming up...but I have to ask all the same...why are we supposed to care more for Christians than for



If an Assyrian converts to Islam, or did long ago, we write him off...just because of who he prays to or what he calls himself. Does your child stop being your child if

he runs away from home? What could an Assyrian child do that his parents would turn their backs on him?


If someone in Sudan turns Christian, is that Sudanese Christian now more precious than any Assyrian who is NOT Christian? Why are we being asked to care about

the death and mistreatment of Christians anywhere in the world, and so blase about the death of Assyrians in Iraq? Is there a shortage of Christians? Do they not

have any countries and armies of their own? Are we Christians primarily or Assyrians? realizing one of them is a religion you can take on and put off, while the other

is something in the blood you can't wash away OR aquire...which is more dear? Which defines a person more?


While Assyrians who may have turned Moslem are consigned to the flame...a Sudanese who turned Christian is become dear to us. Why?


Nations go on a "war time" footing in times of crises, normal activities are curtailed as every fiber is strained towards victory and survival. What more has to happen

to Assyrians? Is the fact that we are losing ground rapidly in BetNahrain of no concern? Are the numbers of our people killed off and driven from the land nothing

major? Is the fact that for 12 years bombs and disease and starvation have prowled our homeland of no great concern. Is that Sudanese Christian more important to

us because he IS Christian, than any number of Assyrians who are not, and are our ancestral lands...which are not under our control, less important than the holy

land of Bethlehem in Israel...which we also have no control over?


Could we be in any more of a "crises" than we are now? Is there something else that has to happen before this "nation" declares a state of emergency? Is it all

"Okay" because Christianity is safe...even with some losses in Sudan...and we've been taught to believe.."As Christianity Goes, So Goes Assyria"? Then how in

Ashur's name do you eplain the fact that it is Christians who are killing our Holy Land? Don't they know what they're doing? Do THEY think of us as full fledged

Christians? Do THEY see "Arabas" and Darkies and primitive old fashioned "quaint" Christians when they look at us...and think there would be no harm at all if we

were gone? In fact, I'll bet the world would be far more interested in us AS Assyrians than it ever will be as a Christian minority at the mercy of every ill wind that

blows, totally dependent...unable to cross the street by ourselves. And if you tell them we are the descendents of the proud Assyrians of old, well, don't be surprised

if they refuse to belive you?