Posted by parhad on July 23, 2001 at 11:19:23:


....One might expect that all California parishes would be combined into one diocese. However, San Jose, San Francisco, and Sacramento parishes are organized

under a different diocese called Western California. Seattle-Washington is also quietly tucked into this last group. The bishop presiding over the Western California

diocese is Mar Bawai Soro. (lifted without permission from zinda...)



This paragraph I lifted from an article by Wilfred on the sexual escapades of that priest. This is the same zinda that didn't want to turn itself into a "whorehouse" like

the forums are, by printing my article, with evidence, of the lies Francis Sarguis conconted in his annual effort to smear Narsai David and the Assyrian Aid Society. I

had letters from the administration at the Univerisity of California at Berkeley denying Francis received the information from them he claimed...information he made

up just to cause people to doubt Narsai's integrity. How that was supposed to help the Assyrians of Iraq remains a mystery...as Francis says he was motivated by

his concern and love for them etc etc.


Wilfred refused to publish the article, refused to look at any documents...said people in Washington were watching and he didn't want us to look bad...didn't want

Francis to look bad. He even admitted that Francis was a personal friend and he wouldn't publish just for that reason. I wrote a letter to the editor complaining about

this preferential treatment and got an e-mail back from Wilfred asking me to withdraw it so he wouldn't be forced to follow his own policy and publish it. Seems to

me to be a lot of trouble to go to to save a friends ass when that friend hangs it out all over the place.


On top of that we're treated today to the third installment of Francis' account of the "Masturbation At Marbella" where he was "asked" to address the assembled

Masturbatorees about Human Rights...something Francis read about somewhere. He reads a lot...you can tell by the two dollar words he uses to wow us with. The

first installment carried the startling news that one person didn't like the accomodations, another had heart problems and Francis sat up all night talking to his room

mate (lucky room mate). The second installment told us that Francis missed the lecture he was supposed to atend...couldn't find out from those who made it just

what it was about but that...THEY ALL ASKED A LOT OF QUESTIONS anyway. We never found out what those learned questions were because Francis went

off on a tangent explaining all the articles he'd read in newspapers we never heard of (that was the point)...things he could have done in California and which had

nothing to do with anything at Marbella anyway. I can't wait to read the third part...something tells me it's going to be good.


I placed that paragraph here however to illustrate the point of how Christianity brought us all "together" and saved our sory arses. Why do we "split" and separate?

Why indeed. Here, in one state, in one country...these guys have SPLIT and split some more....you couldn't CUT us any finer than the church has done. Instead of

one diocese in one half of the state, each church now has its own...and they even take it out on each other by not attending each other's SECULAR

functions..picnics etc. Great Peepil my Aunt Fanny!