Francis' Foolish Words...


Posted by parhad on July 24, 2001 at 00:28:29:


In Reply to: Francis' Foolish Words... posted by Jeff on July 23, 2001 at 23:30:39:


Thanks...that was an eye opener. I remember when Narsai and I began the Ashurbanipal project and received help from many many Assyrians, some who were

students and elderly couples gave generously from what they had. Francis...who I'm sure thought we were trying to enrich ourselves..sent us a note saying he'd just

returned from Europe, purchsed a new a car and was a little short. He stayed "short" for three years. It isn't that we needed HIS was his bullshit that was

so amazing.


I remember Narsai mentioning the letter he received from Francis and how angry he was at the arrogant tone, the implications of pending impropriety he just KNEW

was coming etc. He wanted to respond the way Jeff has to him but instead told him to go fuck himself, diplomatically. I know people in Francis's family and I

remember hearing that Francis smiled a lot for a few days back then..obviously he took the advice.


This shouldn't be relevant but is somehow...Francis is famous as the tightest, cheapest, penny pinchingest son of a bitch on this planet. People like that aren't

"generous" with anything. They tend to be suspicious of everyone's motives..they think any organization is "stealing" money from their OWN pocket...because their

entire BEING is in that pocket.