Posted by parhad on July 24, 2001 at 11:14:31:


What do you do with someone who begs that you piss on him? Just because he wants you to, is no good reason for you to do it. On the other hand it's also painful

to see him crawling around asking for it.


His "style" if you will goes something like a St Vitus dance, a herky jerky acumulation of random sentences, like those dolls with a pull string gone mad, the jumbled

sentences tripping over themselves. A doll programmed to answer questions you ask it by voice recognition... that left the factory able to distinguish cues and search

its tape for one of the seven "replies" they progammed it with.


At first it's able to figure out that when it hears "Want to play"? ...the appropriate answer is not..."read this, unfortunately am too busy to answer now, however think

straight and read books, will get back to you ASAP." It manages instead to find the correct answer..."Yes, let's play".


This doll is clearly of inferior design and poor worksmanship. It now answers "Yes, Let's play" when you ask it's name...."How about catch" When you suggest it's

nap time and "Christianity is the answer" when you tell it to shut up.


Besides that, the extra feature it came with, which you didn't ask for, didn't know it came with and as is usual with these kinds of products, turns out to be the ONE

indestructible thing about it, when all else fails, is its ability to pee directly into its own head after asking you 123 time if you would please do it.


This toy doesn't satisfy any longer. I am loathe to cut anyone off from the chance to freely say what is on his mind, no matter how disagreable...but this guy is a one

trick pony... these one-liners of his are beginning to sound like a white man's version of Rap music...BAD. I always equated that genre with the nagging these kids

heard all their lives from their single Mom's.


Something like...."clean your room, I'll bust your broom, screw your bitch I'll make her twitch Uh Uh Uh!!!!!"


His goes like..."Christ is hot, Ashur's rot, that all they is, my Mama be pissed cause she was diss'd ...I'll clutter your site, it's be alright, cause it's a site, I'm here to

bite..I'll tell you plain , I'll end your reign, then these chumps I'll dump in dumps..."


Andreas HAS nothing to say...what he did have to say others said for him and he merely dumped it here. In fact he sounds like nothing more than a scold. A snippy

little Haridan at that. I'll leave them up a bit longer then take his, and this one off. If you leave it to him he keeps begging for "dicipline"...they curbed his "wit" at aina

finally and he behaves...I'd rather leave him to his own senses over here but he's a Bored Again Christian, they thrive on abuse. Right now he's secretly sucking up to

Jesus, laying his latest humiliation at His feet, thinking..."there you go Lord...they crucified you and cut my one-liners and me Lord, all the way!"