My Pal Wilfred


Posted by parhad on July 25, 2001 at 01:55:30:




I'm happy to say I just spoke with Wilfred on the phone. We agreed to disagree. I apologized for placing his letters to me on the forum. I am not joking...I will do

anything and everything it takes to expose the rot in our community. Anyone who knowingly stands in the way, may be all the friend he may will be with great

sorrow, for my friend, that I'll run right over him. Let the same happen to me the day I obstruct our path.


How can I say it...we are DYING! I don't care for proprieties, for lawsuits, threats only embolden me. I was more disappointed in Wilfred than he was in me. I

didn't enjoy betraying his trust...but whenever I feel that our people, our Heritage are being betrayed, I'll fight back in any way I can.


The day I catch Francis in the open, I don't care where we are, I'll give him the talking down he deserves. I say these things hoping to be given the chance to prove I

mean them. I will be there at Ghassans job, at his Kaiser where he angles and dangles for military contracts to bomb Iraq to dust.


There is no point in saying things we don't mean to do any longer.


Wilfred invited me to write the article again, and promised he will publish it. I am relieved more than I can say...for his sake, for Zinda's sake, for mine...for ours. I

have no interest in "exposing" Francis...neither did Narsai...he was concerned for the AAS, the same thing I'm worried about. We need roofs on homes this

winter...we do NOT need another report on what the AUA DOESN'T do at Marbella.


I'll write the article.


I told Wilfred that what makes this incident so important is that it marks an escalation in the kinds of mean things we do...we all spread gossip...Francis made up a lie

that the University TOLD him what he wanted us to believe. I want all of us to realize how damaging these kinds of things are..WE HAVE PEOPLE

DYING!!!!!!!!!! We are being reduced to a footnote in Iraq. I realize Assyrians elsewhere are hurts Narsai, he's mentioned it on several ocaissions...but

they have limited resources and feel that our continued presence in Iraq is important. If once we leave, we will NEVER go back.


How in god's name did what Francis did help any of this? Has Narsai been abusing the AAS...has he been robbing from them? Has he frittered the funds needlessly?

A man so meticulous in the various businesses and charitable and cultural organizations he's helped, Boards he's sat on???

Narsai was HELPING the situation..was instrumental in the AAS' success...what would be gained by expopsing him if he HAD done something? But to make it up

himself, for Francis to say he got it from the University, thereby slandering them as well...for it is against their policy to do what he claims they did. To do all this and

then to pose as a "friend" to EDUCATED man no less!


He is meanly jealous of Narsai and has been for a long time. Narsai is a very generous man...with his time and mind...and he gives of it freely. Francis is a tightwad,

not only with money...but with anything you'd ask of him. He plays with us and among us like the rest of these "intellectuals"...for the fun of it...because they are

retired or like Ghassan, have a computer at work so why not be an "activist?


Thanks Wilfred.