My Pal Wilfred


Posted by parhad on July 25, 2001 at 12:03:30:


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I have no desire to put Wilfred in a difficult spot...but his own words were, Zinda will print the news, no matter what. If this wasn't news, I don't what would be. The

fact that Narsai hadn't recognized Zinda while Francis had written for them, and that this was somehow an indicator of whose views "mattered",,,came as a shock to

me. Francis is retired...what ELSE does he have to do? Narsai will never "retire".


My disliking or liking of someone has nothing to do with the facts we gathered. We weren't even motivated by dislike of Francis...who cares what he thinks or writes

about anything PERSONALY? can see he's just showing "off". A real writer is eager for challenge...Francis responded with more bullshit as long as we didn't

have the evidence in hand. He came back with even more rot about how Narsai had failed to use the money he raised at our Art Foundation "properly". What is it

with this guy? Who the hell is he to tell the people who do the WORK what is and isn't proper for them to do? He said Narsai introduced me to "Assyrian money

sources"...say WHAT??? And therefore that's why I was "attacking" the perfect things Francis does...these are all the ways in which these guys operate themselves.


But when we received the documentation from the University and I challenged him again...not a word since then. Is this the "correct" way to handle oneself? Is this

the basis upon which he finds fault with Narsai and Jeff and so many others? Can this kind of a "character" be trusted to be fair, objective? Or as with his long

winded "essays' is he just servicing his own ego...using us because we're too dumb...the darkies he thinks we are, to know the difference?


You think HE would ever meet me in debate?


How long, dear Ashur, how long have we suffered these types of fools among us! Let's at least get some new ones.