White Man's Burden


Posted by parhad on July 25, 2001 at 13:01:03:


Now why would anyone who understood our history in the Modern era advise us to pay close attention to people who have degrees from colleges or "read a lot of

books'? Should we also listen to people who have British accents? Or any European accent? Are we to remain impressed by these people?


Seems to me the better advise would be to distrust these people based on their past performance. But maybe the better advice is to learn who is and who isn't a

villian at heart, regardless of what accent they speak their villainy in, or country, or religion the person hails from.


Why do the Gassman and Francis Sarguis and others...especially those among us who got them dang degrees, tell this to us? The more sophisticated and truly

"learned" the world becomes, the more it finds better measures of a person's worth than his or her "family standing"...or awards and degrees and "books read". It is

the peasant who still comes to the city and is impressed by this sort of thing.


The White Man has been OUR burden.