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Posted by parhad on July 25, 2001 at 15:33:00:


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I swear to Ashur...nothing can hold us only takes will. Each of us can inspire and affect another...who can do the energy flowing through our

clasped hands.


That's the best thing about this infernal machine...we can enlist like-minded souls around the world. We can use the systems and resources of the Western countries

we inhabit. We are ALREADY in a position to be that dreaded "Fifth Column". We are where Che couldn't be. We don't NEED to resort to one was

"holding us down"...denying our "rights" in Chicago. For all these years that statue could have been educating people about our existence and our determination to

come out of hibernation. Only Assyrians were against it...only one old man blocked us all. Children who would have been 12 at the time it could have been installed,

would be 18 today...ready with their hearts and minds and energy to join us, to add to the numbers we need.


I'll say it again...our version of Christianity requires us...demands of us that, as Jesus did, we go unresisitingly into Death and "salvation" somewhere else. No wonder

the Jews have ALWAYS rejected that kind of Messiah!!!!!! They know it's only a fairy tale...look at them today? Are these the actions, the results of waiting for

salvation ELSEWHERE???? They gave the disease to US. All of Christs kindness and gentleness was already a part of our own Assyrian Heritage...what he added

was Jewish "End of Days" nonsense, nonsense even they knew would get them nowhere on earth...and it is on THIS EARTH that our children are born...not in is here that our history is being mangled, our treasures buried and robbed, our few remaining people driven to their knees, while we REJOICE over

Christianity AND worry over those Christians in Nigeria and the Sudan.