Posted by parhad on July 26, 2001 at 12:29:49:


I think I finally understand the reason for Andreas' hold on these forums. His news service is about the PAST. He tells us the things we want to hear. Most of the

people on these thingies are passive, have huge resentments about how the world has treated them, they are also impotent for the most part without a clue as to how

to fight back, how to build and grow...even if they wanted to. If Andreas posts anything consistently, it is the story of...1. Assyrian losses. 2. Things Assyrians Could

Do about it...which he knows damn well the people who dwell in the past and rant and cry and rage and threaten AND delete and ban and eny, AREN'T likely to

do anyway.


The kinds of people who are likely to do something about anything would NOT be fooled by him for a minute, and would see through him like muddy water. Those

who think he provides a "service" (Ghassan especially) KNOW he is sapping any morale, any will we might display. That's why he's so vehemently against any

mention of any past greatness...also why he slams my sculpture any chance he gets.


I always felt he was a little too eager to "help" with any proposal we had to get anything started ourselves. He knew damn well his "suggestions" would merely

exhaust people who aren't used to doing much except complain, and when that doesn't work.."clean" up the horizon by getting rid of the things which SHOULD

disturb them. His approach has been to overwhelm people with laundry lists of the 345 things they can do IMMEDIATELY to save Assyria, or some such noble

sounding thing, when all along he knows it just drives these people deeper into the ground. That's why his inane stuff is allowed to remain while postings which

actually challenge us in ways we COULD take first being motivated and somewhat knowledgeable, are removed.


At all costs we are to be kept from thinking, critically, about our condition in the world. He feeds us articles about dead Assyrians, inundated Metropolitans,

conferences about us that OTHERS are holding...all of it intended to demoralize us further. That's why he resents and tried to shoot down my efforts to uplift the

name of Ashur, to begin to allow our children to take pride in their ancestry, to bring honor to it and us in the outside world.


Any sign of pride and life in our Heritage is anathema to him and he has seized upon the dislike of me and my ideas of these moderators to use in silencing me and

getting rid of what I post, while his "news service" is seen as a "benefit" a gift to our poor dumb cluck of a community.


Talk about your Trojan Ass.