Posted by parhad on June 28, 2001 at 19:37:12:

I'm not any kind of Christian. I have always respected Jesus the man. I have no patience for those who need to have a man jump through hoops and raise dead people before they can take heed to the very simple and kind suggestions he makes. This Michael Concerned is a Christian who loves Jesus a whole lot, that's what he calls it. You can imagine what Jesus would have thought of him.

This sculpture is in wax. It was made from a plaster can see some bits of the plaster here and there. This type of mold is called a "waste" mold cause you can usually get only one piece out of it on account of you have to break it off cause it's so rigid, not flexible like rubber.

The purpose is to get a piece quickly, cast that in bronze...finish it nicely there, and then make a rubber mold from that. The only hard part is that if they screw up the casting...bye bye sculpture...the clay original gets destroyed when you pull the plaster waste mold off, and you have to break the mold to make the wax so your sculpture doesn't exist any more if they blow the casting.

You can still see the seam lines and dings and flaws...I haven't worked it over yet. This piece should be at the convention.