To have Faith


Posted by Ninva on June 29, 2001 at 03:17:43:


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My father use to tell me as a child..."Ninva, Assyria is not the soil beneath your feet... Assyria is in your blood." He also talked about spirtuality and organized

religion. First, allow me to say that my father and mother are probably to greatest, most giving, the kindest and most beautiful people I know. My mother does seem

to enjoy going to church once in a while...not that it confirms her faith or anything. My father on the other hand, use to be an alter boy and was expected to be a

priest. During those days, my father say first hand how corrupt "organized religion" can be. I suppose this is why my father has removed himself from claiming to

belong to any sort of organized group. A proud Assyrian man, with a gentle soul, a big heart and an open mind, my father has taught me the importance of being a

truly spirtual being.


We are a part of nature, and for some reason many of us have "removed" ourselves from such an idea. Recognizing what we are is just as important as knowing who

we are. We are animals, we come from this earth and we will go back to her in the end. The fascinating thing about the human animal is that we are very mystical and

we have the ability to think abstractly. These characters tend to do us some it does some bad. Illusions we create, inventing our own

awesome the power of the human mind.


Ah, I'm just rambling on and on...I don't know if I make any sense to you all. Thanks for "listening."