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Posted by parhad on June 29, 2001 at 10:49:23:


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You made a great deal of sense. And it was courageous of you also. Who could doubt that there was a tremendous spiritual force behind all of this...there is no other

way to explain it....and certainly not by the fairy tales concocted for simple minds in order to control them. Just look at a tree, or a flower or try to imagine how the

human eye could have "evolved" merely by trial and error.


God is a mystery none of us...NONE of us could begin to fathom. Though Man can't figure out how to tune up his car, he nonetheless believes he knows how

creation began...what heaven was like...what god says and expects. There is no way we can understand...and we don't HAVE to. It's comforting to know that the

biggest gift EVER...the most wondrous event EVER...way beyond our imaginings waits for us after death. It isn't any Christian or Islamic puny notion of paradise

filled with either all the broads you want or musical instruments you can use for an eternity to set god's teeth on edge.


If you could ask a babe in the womb if it wanted to be squeezed out of its pleasant surroundings, the warmth, the dark, the suspended state of never having to worry

cause god..."The Mother"...was providing everything it needed..but that if it just got BORN it could yell and cry and be slapped and have to go to school and get a

job and maybe get run over and get laid off and live in something called a city etc etc..but that its rewards would be to be able to buy a car and wear clothes and that

if it behaved real good when it "died" it could go back to a sort of other womb where someone called a god would take care of everything again and all would be

peace and quiet etc and etc....the babe in the womb would be liable to say..."are you crazy? Why leave this place in such a horrible manner(which as you described

it to the baby would sound exactly like a "death")...just to get all those cheap gee gaws you mention...which I never heard of and don't need now...just to "live"

(whatever that is) and in the end wind up right back in some other 'womb'"?


We feel that way towards death. We no more want to go "there", we can no more imagine it, than that baby in the womb can, who has known only one existence

and isn't about to give it up for the hellish thing described to him as "another" life. But we, who have been born and know the joys and sorrows, the sublime moments

the wondrous things to see and feel and do...we know what life is...just like that baby in the womb knows its life in there..and JUST lke that baby we are afraid to go

to another life.That other DEATH. And it is nothing to be afraid of...but try telling that to those babies among us who have to concoct a hellish heaven

obviously designed by MAN with not a spiritual thing in it.


Do so look forward to dying...the "birth" and entry to another great adventure, like this one has been...and the last one was.