GASS Meters

Posted by parhad on June 29, 2001 at 18:02:20:

The reason I'm after The Gassman this way is to remind him of he time he allowed people to post messages patently untrue about my work, my family, myself...and remove any conciliatory posts which might have been seen as favorable, though they were merely "fair". That and pulling the same stunt Hanna did of expressing outrage at my language, then taking all the "bad" words they could find and making one sordid list of them so as to "prove" I was foul mouthed etc. This from a man whose first words as a babe were "goddamn mutherfuckew... goo"

Now, if you took The Gassman out of context even he would look a lot worse. besides which there was more to those posts than the bad language these guys seem to fixate "clean" Republicans who just have to know exactly how many times Clinton moistened his cigar before lighting it.

The Gassman is pooping bullets in outrage that I would call his place of work etc. Well...just wanted to show him what it was like...though it's still true that there is no such thing as bad publicity for an artist...NONE.

In fact there is no way The Gassman and Michael and the rest can get at me...they've all but admitted defeat because they've gone after my dead father, my mother, family, wife and children. My dog barely escaped and the seven cats couldn't care less. These are exactly the tactics they've used to scare away decent folk.....and I AIN'T Decent! That's what has them worried and not able to stoop low enough to get at me.

When Gassman posted the photos of his lovely children I warned him that someone might use it against hurt him through his children. He removed them admitting that his wife had been upset for the same reason. Now if I wanted to make the man squirm I could take off after them, as he does, and he would find himself upside down in a kitchen corner faster than you could say..."no, I don't WANT my balls fried for lunch...dear!"

They don't have to worry. I'm a trashy guy and we don't do that sort of thing...I don't do what Gassman and the US does...I don't attack children as a way of getting at their parents. Must be strange for his wife to contemplate that the very thing she feared...would be done by her own husband.