Damn Thing Got Away From Me....

Posted by parhad on June 29, 2001 at 19:46:54:

After what Gassman and Michael Concerned and a few others have done you'd think the last thing I would do would be to make myself vulnerable...except those kinds of people are cockroaches anyway so what's to be afraid of a bug that crawls.

This is a pastel drawing I made from a photo of my father several years ago. I'm open on two counts...family and skill. Go at it guys.

This was the man who was a doctor and a captain in the Iraqi Army serving double duty, eight years instead of four because they wouldn't let him go. He was there in the Palestine War of 48 and served in numerous battles against the Kurds in the mountains.

I have a phot of him seated on a white Arabian stallion he nearly broke his neck in order to ride...the horse was so fierce. He was decorated several times for bravery, venturing out to retrieve wounded Moslem soldiers when no one else would do it. After ten days pinned down in a ravine their stupid commander got them abushed in, with water running out, wounded dying around them, my father led the remnant out safely...the commander weeping and gibbering all the way. Naturally they hated this Christian "dog", who showed them up at every turn.

This man later was sent to study Psychiatry in the United States, wrote articles you can still find, was offered any number of teaching positions to remain but returned to fulfill his duty to the Al Sabah family who governed Kuwait...ousted the last remnant of the Empire from the Health Department, took his place as director of the Health Department and was most likely killed by him.

Yet because I have my own ideas about the value of Christianity, or about anything contrary to what Gassman or others as low as himself think...these Assyrian patriots have tried to villify a man such as this. And why? Why in defense of that Jewish religion, slander an Assyrian man who did this much? How many like him do we have...and how many many useless whining annd wheedling Christians are we infected with.

This is for you Gassman and Michael and any others who need to devour our own people in order to do homage to Yahweh. You really think your words can get to me? You know yourselves what cowards you are ....you know it and prove it to us all by not being able to even TALK to me for fear, or hiding your names, or blocking me and locking yourselves up where I can't get at you...not your fathers and mothers and children,,,but you.

Assyrians never attacked the families and children of any adversary, the lower the less likely. It is for you Christian cowards to do that...you run from me in fear, why I can't imagine, and go behind my back to attack my family.

You lost a long time ago.