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9/11 Pearl Harbor
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, May 28 2004, 2:42:53 (CEST)
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The comparisons work in other ways as well. FDR did all he could to help our side...the Brits, in their war against Germany...but the American people wanted no foreign entanglements..."America Firsters" they called themselves. Their point being that Europeans had been killing each other for centuries..why should America join in.

Who knows what was really behind FDR`s passion but he was determined that America get into the war. The Japanese...on their own quest for oil, provided the perfect justification. More and more evidence shows that FDR had warnings that "something" was coming...indeed it was even more specific...if no one exactly said "Pearl Harbor"...the American government made it a tempting and logical target by stationing almost the entire Pacific Fleet there...except for a battleship or two whose commanders took to sea on their own in time to avoid the attack.

The only thing that could have gotten the American public into the war was a surprise attack...a "dastardly deed"...a "Day That Will Live In Infamy"..those very words were used by Bush or one of his paid jackasses, to describe 9/11.

America had to be dragged into a perpetual war on Terrorism...but first the Terrorists had to be bred and brought along..trained and supplied too. But none of that would have paid off had not an attack been forthcoming..and now we know why the FBI was called off and couldn`t connect "the dots".

There were intelligence warnings that the Japanese were steaming for Hawaii as well. The American government knew about the treaty of alliance between Germany and Japan..what did they think the Japanese would do...attack New York?

FDR made it clear he was itching to join the war in Europe and Americans increasingly made it clear they didn`t want their sons and daughters fighting a European War...ergo..the war had to be "Americanized"...had to pull the American public along and the government in.

Same thing happened again only this time we made up the "Japanese"...we trained them and set them on..and we knew what they were up to..hell we even knew the target because they`d tried it earlier. The first time with truck bombs..the next time with airplane bombs.

One way or the other America had to instigate the war on is OUR of OUR making...we MADE the enemy...we allowed them to attack us in a "dastardly way" because nothing else would so dumbfound and addlepate the American public as another "sneak" attack..only it was well known ahead of time.

The end result will be more shredding of the Constitution and implanting of Yahwe over all our lives..that and a constant drumbeat of war and war-time profits for a few.

WE are among the victims of this war...the stupidest of all because we`re essentially going to attack ourselves, our families and children and strip our pensions and retirement benefits and our own future well-being.

America has never had a greater enemy than its own corporate heads.


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