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A poem from a US soldier
Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Thursday, May 27 2004, 18:27:31 (CEST)
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Your hero is talking

I didn't die for my country, I died for his greed.

Blaming some "enemy," making us follow his lead.
I knew it was my duty, to fight in our wars,

But I trusted in him to take the right course.
I guess I was wrong to think he valued our creed,

To deter war if at all possible, fight only in need.
A great lesson is learned by watching our man,

He acts on his own and endangers our land.

Stand by the soldiers that signed up to serve,

Vote for justice and our lives to preserve.
I am not a pawn to be lost while the "king" simply kneels,

His party striving for power, while our country reels.
Pray to Allah this murderous plot comes to an end,

For God's name is marred with every troop that he sends.
I would have gladly paid taxes and bought gas at two-seventy-five,

To have a better economy and still be alive.
Don't blame the "enemy" for my shortened life,

Reserve that blame for the one that concocted this strife.

Osama Bin Laden was the one we fingered for blame,

Saddam Hussein was not even in the game.
I see the connection between your father and you,

If I were alive, I could tell you the truth.

Keep fighting YOUR wars with American lives,

But shiny new boxes can't comfort our wives.
To elect someone else is my only hope,

You should be glad that dead men can't vote.

"Dead American soldier"


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