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Assyria Trumps United States
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Saturday, May 29 2004, 14:06:21 (CEST)
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democracy, freedom, prosperity...these aren`t the things that will come to Iraq from this war...instead it will be years, decades even, of turmoil and unrest and violence. The Mideast is being forced to become the stage for Armageddon...only the Christians think to "soften" it up enough so they can win an easy victory...same tacitcs the 7th army used against Native Americans...go for the children.

The one good thing that might come from it is a crack in the wall of white man self-righteousness. We`re going to see, like we got a hint recently, just who the brutal one is...who is the barbarian that`s been exporting terror and vioence all these years. They have to come out in the open more..they have be more obvious...people are fighting back...but most of all there are just slips and leaks and failures as they try to abuse that m,any people and the Truth at the same time.

You just can`t run such a Death Machine for this long..expand it this far..without "friendly fire" killing you off. It`s happened to every Empire..this one will be no different.


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