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Assyrians being SAVED some more...
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, May 28 2004, 15:08:08 (CEST)
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the most ridculous of all claims is that Christianity "saved" any physical sense. I think what these people have meant by this statement all along was that turning Christian saved Assyrians from REMAINING Assyrians...because they are damned as such in the bible. Christ SAVED us as the evangelicals mean it..he saved our souls by getting us to turn away from that "silly" god Ashur and all those "futile" things we invented and expanded under his guidance.

Nothing has attacked Assyrians like Christianity has...nothing. That`s why the boys won`t even consider all those Assyrians...Muslim Assyrians and Christian too, who`ve been done to death by Christianity in just this recent war. They still believe they all leaped JOYFULLY into a Jews arms...glad to get away from that bloody and violent god of theirs...the truth is their mothers were raped into Jesus..and the offspring raised to be grateful for it. Nothing else explains where they are today. Christians like Donny George and Tariq Azziz just don`t register because to Asstians these people are "traitors" when they work for their country..but Asstians are "nationalists" when they work for those attacking BetNahrain and fucking its citizens.

Nothing but violence could have brought these people to the feet of a religion that is destroying their hertitage and robbing their treasure and leaving them grateful for it no less..that`s what the Romans discovered about the usefullness of Christianity as an organized State sponsored religion..for one of the bloodiest and most brutal states the world ever saw. Christians LONG to be sacrificed..they INSISTED their founder had to be sacrificed...they LOVE to sacrifice the dearest thing to them...what could an emperor or a pope ask for more than that?

Christianity has killed off their ancestral lands...not Islam. It`s obviously only a crime against humanity when a Muslim kills a Christian..when Christians do it it`s "Liberation". The Asstians scattered over the earth will lose any meaningful sense of who they once were...but they`ll rejoice because they can pray 24/7...pray to whom? Why, to the same god whose followers are doing this to them...

Asstians are set on "self-destruct"...and they`re doing an excellent job of it.


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