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Civil Liberties and God
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Monday, May 17 2004, 19:48:52 (CEST)
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the two are inimicable...the idea that adults are free do to as they choose so long as they hurt no one else...SERIOUSLY hurt no one else..not merely offend their Judo-Christian sensibilities...runs contrary to the sheepshit rules dreamed up by sheepshitherders of 2000 years ago...whose idea of tolerance was nonexistant, who killed their own first-born at the slightest sign of bad weather...who killed their own people wherever they could lay their hands on them, thereby causing great harm, for the sake of some desert loon of a god`s rules of universal conduct.

God destroys, he does not build. We`ve built civil society fighting that jerk and his minions every step of the way. We face nothing but opposition from his worshippers and practising cannibals every time we try to accomodate the rich variety of human beans there are, ALL of whom deserve equal treatment under THE LAW. Fuck God and what he expects of people who could give a shit about him.

Let him harrass and bind up, constipate and annoy, or thrill, his own followers, the rest of us could care less. You want to believe in flying carpenters and eternal virgins all that crap, go right one stops you...the only time we stop you is when you try to get US to conform. Had you bastards any sense at all you`d extend to us the same courtesy we do you..the courtesy of being left alone..and we don`t care HOW much you feel obligated to pray for us sinners..or how upset you get at the idea that we`re enjoying our own fantasies or none at is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS..and certainly not the business of government.

Live and get Lost.


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