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From Out Of The Blue....
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, May 28 2004, 4:26:55 (CEST)
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...but thanks to Kris`s efforts on behalf of the Shumirum, I received the following letter. It`s no use counting the spaces to see who this might be. Given the deplorable state of affairs in this Ghetto we`ve made of can`t risk exposing anyone to the kinds of calumny and outright insults any sort of support or kind words for the ENEMA of ASSYRIA can earn a person from our heroes.

There isn`t a humble bone in my body...I`m proud I`m Assyrian...I`m just as proud not to be Christian or Muslim...and I`m pleased to share someone`s good opinions that belong to us all...for we ALL are involved...whether we take it seriously or not. This is supposed to be about inspiring our younger people and it`s good for them to know that along with heroes wishing death to everyone and insulting people`s mothers..there are those among us who aren`t put together in such awful ways...enjoy if you can..if not, insult my father..he`s dead and shouldn`t scare you heroes...too much.

Mr. Parhad,

Your name came up at the ------------------------ forum, so I had to check out your website.
My name is ---------, I am a new Professor of English and Communications here in -------------,
Canada. I just wanted to say how much I am in awe of your work. My artistic
sensibilities are definitely not as polished as yours, sir, but I know what I like
-- and your sculptures made my stomach drop down to my shoes and my heart beat in my

Ishtar Nazanene has to be my favourite, as well as Jesus in profile, King Lear and
Fool...yet something about the Hitchcock just tickled me. I am a rabid fan of his
films and was surprised to see him sitting amongst all of the Assyrian Kings and
great figures in history! Incongruous, but somehow befitting a man of Hitchcock's
stature in modern pop culture, eh?

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. You are an incredible artist.



...I`m gonna order a tatoo from Hannabanana...


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