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God Bless Queers
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Monday, May 17 2004, 15:48:43 (CEST)
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The sight of older gay couples rushing to get married is so touching...such a breath of fresh air. To see the Constitution still able to deliver human rights and dignity after all these years...especially when the Framers never dreamed of this day but worked for the PRINCIPLE of equal rights..even though getting there has been a long rocky road, just takes my breath away. For the love of all that`s decent the Constitution is our only bulwark and defense against Fascism and bigotry and the denial of the humanity we all share.

Queers don`t do anything in bed heterosexual couples don` let`s get off this "perversion" bandwagon. Committed, loving couples are an asset to any state.

Now we have to protect this right. There was a lot of out of the closet homosexuality in Berlin too...and it became a favorite target of Bush`s real mentor...Hitler hisself.



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