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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Sunday, May 16 2004, 14:35:22 (CEST)
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from aina...where you`ll always be amazed...

"It seems that even the blood of our martyrs isn't good enough to be defended any more ... the first have no have victims...and while both die and it is a tragedy and a crime and an awful thing both ways...murder victims are NOT Martyrs. That word is reserved for special cases and being killed during a war of occupation when you have no choice in the matter, does not make you a martyr. If that were to be the case then there are far far more Iraqi martyrs these last few years than there ever were of yours.

It seems that in this world, that doesn't seize to amaze us, the victims have to think more than twice before they ask for their rights when the wheel of time seems to be running backwards where the victims would be punished twice once for losing their lives and the other for losing their lands,belongings and recognition of their existence ... And some say that there is justice !!! under which microscope can we find it ???

...You want people who are getting killed to think TWICE? Which of them thought ONCE about dying..I mean as something to bank on and have hopes in? Who said there was justice anywhere? When the West declares a war against Turkey because they want their oil, when Turkey also had done nothing to provoke it...when the United States starves Iraqi children and the world does think there`s justice anywhere? Or fair play? Life is UNFAIR.


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