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Jajo blows a gasket...
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Monday, May 17 2004, 3:58:56 (CEST)
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this is the little nubbins`response to posts that are surprisingly critical of Kanna and ZOWAA...and they`re still there. Either Jassim goes in for hair removal today or there`s a show of being "open" going the "guest editorial" crap Or...maybe it`s time to rethink staying in bed with Bush???

Re: Miaqra Joseph Yalda

Posted By: Jajo (
Date: Sunday, 16 May 2004, at 4:57 p.m.

In Response To: Miaqra Joseph Yalda (Ashur Beth-Shlimon)

Khon, I understand that under the Baath regime our people lived in Iraq like all of Iraq was ours. I understand that there was much benefits for our people under the Baath regime, but I also know that our people were scattered all over iraq with no hope of keeping our heartland in the north, Assyrian.

...there it is again. The people had it good...certainly better...but they were "scattrered" all over. Now to the people scattered but living Jajo says, all Iraq was "their`s...but that don`t satisfy the armchair heroes outside. They have a yearning for a "country"..okay an enclave...and their one chance was this war...this war that would make Christians in Iraq targets..get them all running to the north where this loon thinks they`ll all be safer.

This was their National Agenda all along...put Christians in such peril that they`ll just HAVE to go sit in the north..waiting for Asstians to send them machinery and roofs and medicine...these are Leaders!

Saddam is gone, America is here, our people in the cities are not safe therefore they are going back to their villages in the north.

...No, they are NOT! He repeats it every chance he gets because he hopes to fool some of them into going...they`d run anywhere now to get away..mostly out of the country where all these fucking nationalists ran to themselves.

I believe the only way our nation will survive as a nation is that we have our own place, a sanctuary where we can be united, a place that we can call home.

...that was Iraq, you asshole. You had will lose all now.

Nothing stands in our way to accomplish this,

..oh that`s rich! I swerar these guys get hard just talking.

well maybe people like you,

...AAhhhhh...there it is YOU who won`t Untitty with us...THAT`S why we can`t tell the United States what to do.

but this is our only hope, this is what every true Assyrian wants, this is what ADM (zowaa) is working for, and this is contrary to what Kurds want, so enough with the foolish accusations against Honourable Yonadam Kanna.

...they are not foolish at all. Right before Simele we had other such cardboard heroes. Kanna is a paid shill for the Bush policy of butt-fucking Iraqis. If, as you say, an Asstian enclave is contrary to what the Kurds the hell you gonna get it? Are you insane? or do you imagine yourself leading an Asstian army against the Kurds...from Chicago? Kanna is a puppet and a fool but mostly an opportunist..that`s what all of you are. You could give a shit about the welfare of actual, living, breathing, loving Christians in`re fixated on a GRAT ASSTIA rising from the muck.

Look at the Red Indians, they can say that all the land from Canada to brazil belongs to them, but reality is they have to do whatever they can to preserve themselves.

...yes indeed look at them..They have a far better claim to "their" country but can`t get a thing. The land USED to belong to them..they`ve accepted boys claim the land STILL belongs to you and that makes you laughable and irrelevant..except to wish death and ruin to Christians in Iraq so they`ll be forced to run to the north..where the Kurds will welcome them and give them a Christian enclave. You are one low down bastard.


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