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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, May 28 2004, 2:51:15 (CEST)
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Peter Jassim thinks it shouldn`t be so hard to write poetry...neither does Alphonse Odishoo think such a big deal should be made of it. They feel the same way about being "Assyrians". In their spare time the two of them jot down some rhymes..."I love you...You love you...I have two knees...why don`t you love mees" Something of that caliber.

Trouble is, no one wants to buy his slop or listen to Odishoo` Peter gives his away and develops an intense hatred for anyone whose works people will actually buy... and Odishoo invites himself up to the podium to bore people who`ve gathered there, at his invitation, to supposedly hear some real poets..only Alphonse`s is the last voice they hear before leaving.

This is so much of the way they approach being "Assyrian". It`s a hobby..nothing serious..I mean you would NEVER risk your financial well-being...your life...or any discomfort at all for it...just as they expect their "poetry" to make not a dent in their otherwise mundane and routine lives.

Live the life of a Poet...are you CRAZY??? Live life as if you are really Assyrian and proud to be and insist therefore that you live up to the highest ideals..are you CRAZY??? Their "poetry" comes as easily and is as shallow as their "Assyrian" identity.

It`s a hundred times easier to be their kind of Assyrian than it is to be an asshole...any kind of asshole.


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