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Re: Aljazeera.Net - Bloggers doubt Berg execution video
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Monday, May 17 2004, 3:33:19 (CEST)
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for god`s sake we already know they were lying left and right..there were no WMDs...there were no chemical labs travelling the roads, no "threat to the world" From what?? THAT army? It caved in three days...what on earth are we DOING? Afraid of our own shadows now???...none of it was true. And yet we went anyway and now want to expand the war to Syria..these motherfuckers will do anything they can while they have the time to set themselves up for the long haul. Halliburton and so many more of them have found a cash cow in our Treasury and the only way they can get that much pork is by creating..I said CREATING a menace that will have us turning over our paychecks for a long long time to come..they got rich with Commies they want to get stinking rich with Terrorists.

Of COURSE the killing was convenient..and how fucking cynnical..just because we fell for the rest of it they think they can keep it up forever..or at least long enough to get four more years to start more wars so everybody WILL come gunning for us!!!


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