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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Sunday, April 25 2004, 19:22:56 (CEST)
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what, oh what, could be in those tablets?

The Hebrews invented morality and ethics? Give us a break!

between the time Assyria as an empire collapsed and the Romans came and conquered everybody...after the Macedonians came and conquered everybody...what were them Hebews doing and what were the Assyrians doing?

I believe Islam was the more congenial of the two religions that came to BetNahrain..more in line with what we know the Assyrian character to have been. Christianity is just too tame and lame a system...too filled with thoughts of an afterlife and never mind the here and now..which couldn`t have been any part of Assyrian thinking or they too would never have been able to develop beyond building a toilet that barely last twenty years...cause you can crap in heaven when you just hold it in while you live and call THAT morality!


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