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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Sunday, April 25 2004, 20:09:00 (CEST)
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The love/HATE relationship between Judaism and Christianity gets us stuck right in the middle of them. Christians have to pay some grudging repsect to Jews because they got their savior from them as well as their bible...yet they have to hate them and cook them because they`re blamed, by Romans, for killing the guy the Romans later love. It`s confusing and that`s probably part of its MUST be divine cause it`s plain silly.

We get stuck because to make their Jew book they stole their ideas from us and repaid us by making US out to be the savage barbarians the Christians were forced to go along with, when they were as close to gore and mayhem as anyone back then and with nothing to leaven their bloody and degraded existence with...just like their flat bread tastes flat.

To further complicate things for those of us who got suckered into it...we`re made to hate our very souls, as the price for Christian "salvation". The religion, both of them, damns us and then offers us salvation if we`ll agree to be damned first. No wonder the boys took off running to get out of the way of the Assyrians who turned to Islam to salvage their souls here on earth.


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