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Posted by Tybondi (Guest) - Wednesday, December 3 2008, 17:21:52 (CET)
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Asura in Veda is Ahura of Zarathushtra, and also linked to Aesir in Scandinavia. I've wondered if, as Snorri Sturluson suggests, the Aesir were not gods but men with wonderful magic (technology) making the people in the North think they were gods. Supposedly, in Snorri's Edda, a group of "Aesir-ians" (my term) came from Turkey, where there was a multi-king empire with one main king at its center...much like Assyria...and they came to the North because a particular prince was told by a seeress that he would be greatly remembered there. They travelled to and set up political order, following the pattern of the "homeland" style, like the Saxon, Danish and Swedish kingdoms, essentially all the Germanic kingdoms. I'm trying to piece together some incredible religious histories, and I, too, am amazed at how little is known. This could be a great breakthrough if we can get to learn more.


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