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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Thursday, May 27 2004, 14:32:15 (CEST)
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Website title: interesting dilemna...if we, meaning we supposed Assyrians...are confronted with the truth about our will we explain the switch in allegence to a Jewish god...whose people wrote this crap about us? If we were "so hot" come we didn`t stay that way? If the Jews were used to wipe toilets come we went over to their ridiculous religion? I mean Christianity..which is a Jewish knock-off.

The Asstians who fawn all over a Messiah...admit unconsciously that there was some need for a Messiah among Assyrians. There wasn`t. It was the Hebrews who needed saving from that sheepshit paradise they couldn`t wait to get away from...yet couldn`t find a better on earth...for walls that crumble down at the blast of a horn don`t invite a person either.

The reason Asstians are so fucking grateful to be Christians and not Assyrians is because they believe Jewish propaganda...and they have to go on believing it...or they`re faced with an embarrassing truth. These people are GLAD they repented of being followers of Ashur. They couldn`t possibly be so glad if they really and truly understood what they gave up..for the piss and dust they`re so overjoyed to have abandoned Ashur for.

For all their TALK..and remember an Asstian knows he`s an "Assyrian" because he talksalotaboutit...the thing they actually ARE and the things they actually DO are and night and forever. To them having been Assyrian is like having had venereal disease..."yes, they had it, they are ashamed to admit it...and perhaps it was kind of fun getting it...but they are SO RELIEVED to have been cured of it and be healthey and squeaky-clean now.

That`s why, after the Ashurbanipal Monument, Astians became alarmed and then took fright. It would never do to have our children actually have pride here and now in their Heritage. The only heritage allowed is the Asstian one...with only lip-service, that "talk" again, for the Assyrian Heritage.

Look at them.


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