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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Thursday, May 20 2004, 4:54:17 (CEST)
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the desire to be white runs deep. Kofi Annan stood by while a million Africans murdered each other and said later, "it was a mistake". My mother, as a little girl remembers being offended when the adults in Urmia would refer to the Western Missionaries as...the "Sahabi"...the Lords. Why, she would ask...are they "Lords" to us?

We Darkies mistake the white man`s coldness..his dead fish eyeness for "maturity"...we think it`s the sign of a superior being who doesn`t dig and scratch like we do.

Darkies lost value for themselves when confronted by whites and oddly the thing that overawed them was the arrogance, brutality and sense of destiny the whites gave themselves...low class people try very hard to act differently.

But what do you expect from the United Nations? Alomost the first thing it did as a body was steal a part of Palestine to make an Israel...of course they called it I Partition your wallet from your pants. Sounds so much better than "steal".

The UN is another promise broken.


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