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Re: Iraqi Kurds Threaten Boycott Of Power Transfer: W. Post
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Sunday, May 23 2004, 14:10:31 (CEST)
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why wouldn`t the Kurds try to get all they can..who can blame them, if their is a power vaccum or an Asstian head vaccum, someone else will step in...Nature hates a vaccum, while Asstians LOVE vast amounts of empty phrases and wide open sentences ..who besides Asstians would blame someone else from envy...because of their own failures...who else.. While in all their years in Iraq the Kurds recently, and only recently, split into two parties...Asstians have delighted in splitting and splitting and splitting till they give each other and the rest of us splitting headaces. And their only hope for UNTITTYING is to get as many of their own people in Iraq killed as possible...while the Kurds are trying to empower their own.

Does anyone think for a moment that if the Asstians didn`t have their heads up their assess they wouldn`t be making the same moves. All of our harebrained leaders are safely OUT of Iraq...making noise and travelling the wine and kipti route, gladhanding and being blessed to death by overweight patriots in San Jose.

The Kurds know how to get the job done...Asstians know how to talk about getting it done...3456 different GRAT ways.


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