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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Tuesday, May 25 2004, 15:37:15 (CEST)
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I still hear refrains of..."it was a big mistake". No it wasnīt. If you want more territories for Israel you make Palestinians into suicide bombers from whom you need to "protect yourself" into still more of their territory.

The Commie days paid huge dividends...the anti-communist crusade in America went a long way to ridding the nation of "dangerous free-thinkers" and making the mush and pablum programming on TV and in the movies stabdard fare...and now Terrorist Days are serving the same useful purpose.

It may be a mistake to murder innocent children but it doesnīt mean you canīt pick up some benefits here and there. Maybe itīs a mistake MORALLY or TACTICALLY..but look at the bottom line..not of America, that gets lower and lower..but of the corporations. THEY know it was no clown show.

Why wonīt someone come out and say the obvious..that America went to Iraq to create Terrorists, make some money for a few and shred the Constitution? In that regard...just where have they "failed"?


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