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Posted by Jeff (Guest) - Monday, May 17 2004, 4:38:46 (CEST)
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parhad wrote:
>Looking back at those hysterical "news" talk shows that sprang up like mushrooms on rot one is amazed at how blatantly anti-Muslim they were. The worst possible stereotypes were advanced as factual...the worst possible video clips always focusing on the absurd, the grotesque, the violent and nothing else..the hapless Muslims who braved the abuse the cut-off sentences, the loaded questions the raised eyebrow to signify they were clearly lying and worse..the editorial comment after they were off was an incredible performance..well oiled, no pun..well rehearsed and orchestrated...just like the campaign of villification the Christians used against the Jews.
>None of that would be allowed today against ANYONE...I don`t care whom. Muslims had better wake up and start ADVERTISING..they had better use some of that cash to counter these stereotypes and NOT by guttural accented though ever so sincere spokespeople. Fer Chrissakes hire a Jew PR firm...anybody...but don`t just sit there and leave it in Allah`s hands.

You wouldn't believe your ears. Today at commencement the President of our university had a well-known Imam deliver the invocation at the beginning of the ceremony. The President praised the Imam for his work and went into details about the large Arab-American community in South Eastern Michigan, etc... and this university is very very conservative. I was very surprised. I think that many of the thousands of people there had never even heard the word "Imam", let alone prayed with one.


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