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Posted by Jeff (Guest) - Tuesday, May 18 2004, 1:44:03 (CEST)
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Subject: University Diversity
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 19:43:47 -0400
From: Jeff Atto <>


Dear President Chambers,
Please allow me to introduce myself: My name is Jeffrey Atto, a recent
Lawrence Tech graduate. Sunday at the commencement ceremony I was quite
surprised to hear you mention the large Arab American population that
exists in Southeastern Michigan, as well as at Lawrence Tech as students
and professors. I was also quite impressed with your foresight and
commitment to diversity by having an Imam deliver the invocation at the
ceremony. It seems more important than ever these days to do whatever
we can to introduce the public at large to religious groups that they
are unfamiliar with. Undoubtedly many hundreds or even thousands of the
people at the ceremony had never heard an Imam speak, or even know what
an Imam is. I would just like to thank you for including a Muslim in
the ceremony when you could have just as easily had a Christian pastor
of any denomination deliver the invocation. While, my family traces its
roots to Iraq, we are part of a non-Muslim minority that lives there.
In any case, I would just like to thank you again. Good luck in the

Kind Regards,
Jeffrey J. Atto

parhad wrote:
>that is absolutely one hope. I think you should write one of your magical letters and thank that brave president for trying to make a difference and keep us from going back to the Dark Ages...people always write to complain..and I wouldn`t be surpised if some did..hardly anyone ever writes in praise of. Just a thought.


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