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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Monday, May 17 2004, 15:26:36 (CEST)
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It`s a powerful image for what it conjures up. It`s odd that we always refer to earth as Mother Earth...and yet it`s usually called a Fatherland when we speak of particular patches of it. To Assyrians the image of Nineveh as a forlorn mother rather than a humiliated father seems more common. We may think of ourselves as the children of Ashurbanipal..but the land itself is Nineveh.

The handful of earth can be seen as the remnant of Assyria...or the people themselves...or a handful of Iraq, a part of the whole. It can be that small patch everyone seems convinced they can get and hold...or a fraction of the totla population which the Christians represent.

Personally I`ve never understood this determination to get a country. We have`s called Iraq and the Muslims in it are as much Assyrian descendants as the Christians are. This stubborn refusal to accept the rest of our the Church warns against "mixing"...even though they are our at the root of our troubles..not the Muslim Conquest which breathed new life into Assyrians and took them half way round the world with their civilization.


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